Is there any way to prevent a Pit Bull/Rottweiler from getting aggressive?

Yes. Calm leadership and set routine in it’s environment coupled with consistency in instruction and plenty of mental stimulation. I recommend using the 5 Cs of dog communication (Calm, Confident, Controlled, Consistent and Concise). Try and keep energy balanced and neutral especially when things don’t go to plan. Rotty’s/Pit Bulls need strong and confident guardians (that don’t use force or fear) combined with plenty of mental activity and they will look to you for guidance and all the good things in life. Physical exercise is not enough as these dogs are built for stamina and strength therefore you need to ensure that it’s brain is regularly exercised also.

Also a dog is often a reflection of its environment so if you are not reactive your dog will learn not to be reactive. This is especially important when it is dealing with new situations.

The above being said, this can only ever be general advice as dogs are as different as people and come with their very own personality traits. If you observe and learn from the feedback your dog gives you then you will be in a better position to stop any problems before they arise.

I hope this helps.